How To Not Cry When You Lose

How To Not Cry When You Lose

Feb 23, 2017, 9:02 PM |

I have a saying that my kids are sick of: You are never losing when you are learning!

(From Dirty Rotten Scoundrels... one of my favorite classics. )

...which I usually believe. Sometimes I do lose though and I'm so frustrated. So I better learn from it! The game below was a beautiful, joyful, painful, instructive loss.  

(A timeline of the score throughout the game.)

My main takeaways from this happily painful loss are: 

1. Stop seeing ghosts. In the beginning I had Bf5 but quickly dismissed it because of Nh4, which wasn't really an option at all. Look deeper...

2. Don't be afraid to make positional sacrifices. If I had played Rxb3 it would have opened him up to long-term pressure. My bishops were MONSTERS! Who cares about a stupid rook when I had those bad-boys staring at the king!

3. Open lines. I had that pawn on e3 and MANY times it was the right thing to do to just PUSH it and open things up. But it never seemed right - even though it was. I mean, I wanted to so badly! But I couldn't see the immediate benefit. And yet intuition was nudging for it. 

How did this review feel? Did it hurt?! NO WAY!! (Said through tears....)