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My Cool New Chess T-Shirt & Pants (w/ pictures!)

My Cool New Chess T-Shirt & Pants (w/ pictures!)

Mar 9, 2009, 4:28 PM 21

I'll be honest - I'm a pretty generic-dressing guy. I hate shopping, and I don't like spending crazy amounts on something that I am likely going to spill hot sauce on within a week. So my wardrobe mostly consists of white t-shirts from costco and jeans on sale.

This year I decided to change that part of my life - I want to wear stuff that I enjoy! One thing I wanted to do was experiment with different hairstyles and facial hair (see picture for beard :D). I'm also getting some fun new shirts that I like! My second purchase was actually a sweet new shirt from Endgame Clothing - a chess shirt! When I first saw Endgame Clothing ads I was a little skeptical - trying to mainstream chess in a fashionable way? But then I saw the shirts and hey, they were cool! They definitely fit in with what cool dudes these days wear (I guess I need a TapOut shirt too!??). :) 

Anyway, I got this shirt and wore it around New York last week when out there to visit friends (it was cold - thus the hat). I felt so cool in the shirt I even left my jacket open a little so people would notice my cool chess shirt (fashion over function for the week...).

If you're looking for some hip chess shirts, check out Endgame Clothing. They have a handful of styles - find one you like. I did!

I also wanted to get some pants that  I actually look good in, so I bought two pair of Bonobos pants - my wife really likes the way I look in these!)

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