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What did our team do this last week?

What did our team do this last week?

Feb 11, 2017, 5:58 PM 17

This week I asked our team to write a brief sentence about one thing they worked on to make life better for our members (you!). They didn't all respond, but here you go. Maybe it's interesting. I don't know?!

Sam Assistant Content Editor I informed our members about Titled Tuesday and PRO Chess League previews and reports.
Matt Support and Professional Relations I helped thousands of viewers have the best possible viewing experience for the PRO Chess League.
Dallin Product Designer I made it easier for members to join and sign up for premium memberships. I also created a fun new way for club members to stay connected across the site.
Matias Live Chess Developer I made it possible for you to draw arrows and mark squares while you stream your live chess games
Tyler Quality Assurance I am helping test a new update that will help chess kids, parents, and coaches better experience live play with members from around the world on ChessKid.
Igor Sysadmin I kept the site from going down during database disasters. Noone noticed there was a disaster? Exactly! : )
David Marketing I made it easier for chess players from all countries in the world to find our web and our apps (in their language) through the different search engines and app stores.
Rich Fair Play Team I caught and prevented hundreds of cheaters from abusing our members. I helped dozens of customers with their support questions.
pete editor I made our content more relevant, readable, and enjoyable for our members.
Ivan chesskid developer I prepared chesskid to handle an increase of members started working on making lessons better for kids.
Gerard Anti-abuse I located and prevented the further creation of accounts from a spam attack (1000+ accounts in one day)
Vladimir Developer I made it easier for our members to find the content they are lookin for.
Bojan CK developer I made it more fun to play vs computer on ChessKid.
Slava Developer I introduced translated content to our mobile apps and made clubs leaderboards point counting more accurate.
Andy Developer I worked on improving performance across the site, making the user interface faster to load and more snappy to use.
Amelia Support Team I translated troubles into successes by listening, understanding, reporting, and responding.
Saša Developer I improved performance of several under-the-hood operations which may affect many parts of the site.
Zarko Developer I am making it easier for members to subscribe on iPhones and iPads.
Aleksandar Developer I made it easier to search and find what you want on Chess.com.
Yuri Live Chess Developer I made it possible to play faster games and fixed bugs for a flawless experience in live chess.
Stefan Translation Manager I enabled members to enjoy more of Chess.com in their native languages.
Nathan Engine Wrangler I made the engine play faster in Vs Computer and fixed some bugs.
Ben Developer I improved systems and teams so we can more quickly detect and respond to code and operation problems before most players notice.
Bogdan Developer I developed and implemented a new interface for the Drills so they will be more fun.
Mike Content Dude I helped coaches understand how the tools of ChessKid could make their programs more robust and help kids play more chess.
Mike Developer I made it easier for people to upgrade their account and fixed an important PayPal bug.
Winner Developer I made it possible for members to choose their preferred font in the Chess.com Browser Extension.
Brian Developer I improved our search rankings and helped get us listed on Google News.
Vladimir Android Developer I worked on giving members free trials on Android.
Chuck Front End Developer I am making it easier to start a new chess game and solve tactics.
Pablo Live Chess Server Developer I made live chess more stable by optimizing some database queries and fixed some bugs.
JD Support I help produce the ProChess League so members can spend a fun day watching the best chess on the net.
Matt Billing/Membership Support I helped members who do not have credit cards make their desired upgrade more easily through alternative payment methods.
Dan Developer I recently rolled out “Saved Analysis” for in-progress Daily Games allowing users to better capture their thoughts and annotations while the game is fresh in their minds.
Michael Developer I worked on making it easier for our developers to release new features and bug fixes more quickly.
Marcos Developer I worked on integrating a new payment platform that will allow users from all over the world to benefit from our premium features.
Rodrigo ChessKid Developer I helped make ChessKid smoother for coaches and parents.
Vitaly Developer I sped up the game play and archive pages.
Tony Developer / Team Lead I managed the release of a new Android update and am working on adding free trials.
Erik CEO I made people fill out this form about what they did this week.
Nikola Sysadmin I worked on making it quicker to update the Android app.
Martyn Developer I worked on making the home page load faster.
Nik LiveChess Developer I fixed a bug in tournaments and made live chess more stable.
Shaun Support Director I made sure members had a complete and errorless experience on Chess.com by advising them of the best setup for their computers and browsers to access our site.
Michael Video Editor I brought our Chess.com members a great new video by Jon Ludvig, the latest Chesscenter, and a Chesskid instructional video.
Slavko Front End Developer I made the forum "Quote" button easier to find and made our emails look better.
Gena Live Chess Server Developer I worked to make live chess more stable for members with poor connections and to reduce disconnections.
Michael Product / QA I discussed and tested dozens of new features for our iOS app. Look for a new release soon!
Peter Director of Content I wrote a piece on the upcoming Women's World Championship and recorded ChessCenter.

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