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    • My geography revision

      Food. What causes variations of food consumption between devleoped countries (DCs) and less developed countries (LDCs). Affordability.   The amount of food available to a person depends on his or her purchasing power or the amount of power he ... | Read More

    • random

      I hate studying. :(   | Read More

    • 好朋友只是朋友

      聽你說什麽我都很快樂接近你連影子都微笑著幾千隻紙鶴你都耐心地陪著我折卻怎麽都折不掉那道無形的隔閡越懂你陪著你就越寂寞靈魂那麽美我卻碰不得感覺再熾熱也不能讓飛蛾去撲火... | Read More