A begining....

Nov 3, 2007, 8:53 PM |

I have been stuck home for the last 7months...after watching all 7 seasons of Star-Trek DS9, complete series of Justice League, and every Ace of Cake episode there is, I came to know the world of chess. Finally I have found something more captivating than memorizing the TV remote by feel. I have grown up between generation x and generation y..... with no other baby sitter than those of Full House and Fresh Prince of Bell-air....never knowing the wonderful world of chess. I do believe that if I had dedicated as much time to learning chess as to learning how to be a Jedi, I would be a Grand Master by now.

This is my message to the world... turn of your TV kids and turn on your brain. Dedicate yourself to something of value and maybe, just maybe you could become something more than a 27 year old disabled man who could easily be beaten by a 8 year old.