A fork...

Nov 9, 2007, 8:20 PM |

I would like to pass on some the basic things I have learned about chess. These basic concepts are things I see all the time in beginner games and are not taken advantage of...( I see these games because I am a beginner )  I will post them as I see them in my games and try to explain as best as I can.

I will start out by saying I am not the best player in the world.... look at my rating!  But I will try to refrain from imputing info that is based on my opinion but on universal chess facts, either from books or from other chess experts. 

 There are some simple chess tactics that any beginner can start to look for that will greatly improve  your understanding ( I say understanding and not game because I try to implement these tactics and still loose a lot of games ) But that being said it is not just about winning and loosing.... for me anyway, it's about seeing the ever moving intricacies of white verse black and the dance between the two.

The key to learning chess is not memorizing openings and just trying to win pieces, but to understand the universal chess laws  and follow them.


My first attempt to teach ( and ultimately learn myself ) is a great example of the fork... here, I black have a very nice triple fork.

 In this position If white does not want to loose her queen the rook will be captured resulting in gaining 4 points a very nice reward! The fork can be accomplished by many pieces, if you look for it, the knight fork will be one of the most valuable forks.  The most is of coarse is the royal fork... forking  the queen to the king, remembering that in this situation it is OK to sacrifice a piece if it wins material and benefits your development and hinders your opponent.

 This is my first tutorial.. so any advise is welcomed.