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I got schooled!!

Jun 12, 2008, 2:52 PM 3
Ya so I have to tell you guys a funny story that happened to me this weekend.  I was sitting in the Las Vegas airport..... my flight was 3 hrs late, go figure..... and this little kid was sitting next to me waiting with his dad. I saw that he had this huge trophy and so to pass the time I asked him what he got it for.  He proceeds to tell me he got 5th place in the national open championship chess tourney hosted in Vegas. Crazy huh.... well he asked if I wanted to play due to my confession to my chess.com addiction. Dude, I got schooled bad!.... by an 8 yr old... granted he only would play blitz chess, and I never had played IRL blitz....and he gave me a 3 min handicap...it was hilarious all these people watching this 8 yr old had it to me on a plate!

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