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I'm going to school!

Nov 4, 2008, 11:34 AM 9

So, if you have read my past blogs... you are aware of my physical condition. I asked all you to give me idea's on what I should do. Well, I finally got approved to go to school and have decided on being a School Teacher.  The only problem with that is LnI will only pay for 2 years (ATA degree) So my game plan is to get my ATA in AUTO/CAD and then while I'm working as a drafter I will continue at Evergreen State College to complete my 4 year degree. In the interim, I have been volunteering at my local primary school to see if it truly is my calling. I have always wanted to be a 3rd grade teacher and so far everyday I'm at the school it only solidifies my decision. I absolutely love it. If there ever was such a thing as fate it would have been mine to be a teacher. So if you have any thoughts, criticism (constructive please) or advise, please feel free to fire away!

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