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Solitaire Chess

Mar 13, 2013, 4:59 PM 2

We are told by the chess masters that playing solitaire chess will improve our games. There are a number if different ways to do this, of course, with or without computers. But I have recently come across a really nice free solitaire chess program called "Guess The Move" that is fun to play because it has a built in chess engine--Stockfish--that compares your move against the move solected by the chess engine as well as against the move made in the actual pgn game. I have been using this  program to improve my opening play by downloading a group of games in which my chosen opening was played from an internet database. These games were loaded into Guess The Move and I can navigate through them and pick out the games I am interested in. The whole thing works simply and easily. When downloading the program make sure you have Microsoft's Net Framework on your computer, if not get it from Microsoft for free. Also download the zip file not the exe file. You can put the zip file into a folder and since it does not change your Window's registry you can delete it quickly and easily if need be. If interested and want to know more take a look at this video. BTW don't be bored by this persons style of delivery, he's a great programmer but not a great orator.

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