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    • Conspiracy Theories

      Please friends do have a care Because the truth is there But only the clever can detect it It is where you least expect it. | Read More

    • The Pawn's Will To Power

      Nimzovich said the passed Pawn has a lust to expand. I call it a "will to power." Either way you see it illustrated in this simple but elegant Fischer game. The exchange of Knights on the 16th move creates the passed pawn and after that there is n... | Read More

    • Pawn Phalanx

      Black can try to save the bishop and prevent mate on g6 by playing Red8 30 Nf4 Be8, but after 31 Rfg1 the threat becomes 32 Rg8+ Kg8 32 R1g7 mate. Note that Petrosian saw way in advance (among other things) that black cannot play 31 ... Bh5 to pr... | Read More

    • Strong Knights vs. Weak Pawns & Squares

      Interesting notes on this game can be found at: | Read More

    • Queen's Gambit Declined--Semi-Slav Defense Trap 2

      | Read More

    • The Passed Pawn

      A passed pawn has a will to power. If anyone has further examples of this theme, please do send them in.  | Read More

    • Rook And Pawn Endgame

      An incredible rook ending! The moves themselves aren't very flashy at a glance, but the plan itself is sharp: tie Black to the defense of his pawns, and find a zugzwang to prevent Black's king from blockading the passed pawn. | Read More

    • Analyzing Games

      I have tried various free chess gui's that are available on the internet and after some research I have found the best way to analyze your own games as well as games from a database is with an excellent free program, "Guess The Move." This program... | Read More

    • Knight Outpost at D5

      Placing your Knight in enemy territory increases the power of the Knight. Placing it at d5 makes the Knight deadly. | Read More

    • The King Is A Good Piece

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