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Another example of why 960 is for thinking chessplayers

Another example of why 960 is for thinking chessplayers

Jun 22, 2015, 1:48 PM 0

When I login to FICS, I make my seek "Fischer Random, time control 15 minutes plus 10 second increment", and wait. Somedays I don't play at all, because time controls slower than "lightning" or "bullet" aren't popular, and players don't like Fischer Random because they have to think from move one — chessplayers don't like to think, they like to play.

There's a fellow whose seek formula is Fischer Random at 5 0, 6 0, and 7 0. I think time controls without increments are stupid — if you're two queens up, you probably shouldn't be in danger of losing. The nitwits who stick to "clock management is just as important" are the morons who want chess to be dumbed down in every way possible. Fischer Random at short time controls is stupid because there's no blitzing out 15 moves of theory — the variant requires thinking from the start, so longer time controls should be in force.

I was surprised when the fellow answered my 15 10 seek. I wasn't surprised that he wasn't alert to early tactics.

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