PurdyFine thinking in a 7-move game

Feb 21, 2016, 5:28 PM |

People seem to think that PurdyFine teaching means you have to play junk openings forever. Not true — eventually, you reach a level where the opponents won't let you get away with crap (that level is somewhere between 2100 and 2300). Until you get there, PurdyFine recommends playing as much junk as you can stand — the reasons for that are 1) creating positions in which you can learn tactics; and 2) learning how much risk is manageable in various positions.

If you learn the tactics and some positional bases, you can get through any "real" opening. This is the hardest thing for most folks to accept — because their tactics are weak, they want to camouflage the deficiency with memorized theory for as long as they can.

In practice, you're really better off by thinking on your own as soon as possible.