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The future of chess960 in the hands of chess518players

The future of chess960 in the hands of chess518players

Aug 16, 2015, 5:25 PM 2

Acceptance of the other 959 Schnargls is perhaps so far away that it'll never happen. I mean, I think climate change will turn the globe to dust before chessplayers will give up their 518-specific openings manuals.

Nevertheless, scientists maintain their warnings about carbon footprints, and some chessplayers will keep suggesting that we stop calling the wider game a chess variant — Schnargl #518 is one variation, not the other way around.

For the remainder Schnargls to have a chance, the strong players have to jump first. One thing that'll never change about chessplayers is that they're slaves to fashion, unable to think for themselves. When the grandmaster community comes around — hard to say if grandmaster Dreev's assertion that "we are all infected by everyday cheating [as long as we limit ourselves to #518]" will work for 960 evolution or against it — the C players will follow.

Even the step of first-class players accepting 959 unfamiliar Schnargls seems like too distant a future when you look at the way some of them play — as if it's still beneath them, like a joke. Chess-playing computers were treated with the same disdain — read the history, and every class of chessplayer sniffed at computers, saying essentially "they're getting better, but they'll never be as good as I am." 

In the case of chess computers, chessplayers couldn't halt technology. In the case of chess960, the progress depends on chessplayers, not computer scientists, and that's too bad — chessplayers are a much more close-minded bunch than computer scientists.


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