Reti maneuver

Mar 3, 2012, 3:54 PM |
Richard Reti (1889-1929) was a famous chess player and composer.  This puzzle
was created by him in 1921.  This puzzle introduced the "Reti maneuver".  White to move and draw.

1. Kg7! h42.

2. Kf6 Kb6 

Black must lose one tempo to prevent the white king from being able to protect his pawn.

If 2... h3 then 3. Ke7 h2 4. c7 Kb7 5. Kd7 and both pawns promote, with a drawn position.

3. Ke5! Kxc6 Black loses another tempo to capture the pawn, else the white king will be able to protect it.  

If 3... h3 then 4. Kd6 h2 5. c7 h1=Q 6. c8=Q, draw.

The white king now has gained enough tempos to get in the square of the black pawn and intercept it:

4. Kf4, and this is a draw since the white king can now capture the pawn.