If you walked in to my life today

Mar 23, 2013, 5:19 AM |



Where is that boy with the bugle?

My little love was always my big romance,

Where's that boy with the bugle?

And why did I ever buy him those damn pants?

Did He need a stronger hand?

Did He need a lighter touch?

Was I soft or was I tough?

Sis I give enough?

Did I give to much?

At the moment when He needed me,

Did I ever turn away?

Would I be there when He called,

If He walked into my life today


Where the days a little wild?

Did I overstate my plan?

Did I stress the man?

And forget the child?

And there must have been a million things, 

That my Heart forgot to say..

Would I think of one or two,

If He walked into my life today...


Should I blame the times I papered Him,

What a shame!!!

I never really foun d the boy,

Before I lost Him...

Where the years a little fast?

Was His world a little free?

Was there to much of a crowd?

All to lush and loud, and not enough of me?

Though I ask myself my whole life long.

What went wrong along the way,

Would I make the same mistakes,

If He walked into my life today.......