Remember Your Creator

Jun 7, 2013, 2:10 PM |


Remember your Creator in the days of your Youth,

Before the time of trouble will appear,

Remember your Creator, He's the Author of all truth,

Remember now before the years draw dear...

Before you see no purpose

Before your arm's are weak

Before your ears grow dull and eyes grow dim

Before your teeth are few

Before it's tough to stay asleep

It's time to stop and give some time to Him...


Before your Daughter's songs are low

Before you fear the heights

Before the City Streets are filled with fear

Before desire fails you lose your vision and your sight

It's time to realize the time is near...


Before the silver cord is loosed and life just rushes by

Before the golden bowl is shattered too

When dust returns unto the earth and breath to God on high

You know for sure it's time to start anew....


Remember your Creator will soon be here.......Amen