Competitive OTB Games

Mar 2, 2013, 6:44 AM |

Will start posting my games after each competition with my local chess team. In this game, I play a pretty decent opening/middle game and manage to achieve a totally winning position.  Before blundering an entire piece in time/bloodlust pressure.  Gutted, I took a draw by repetition even though my position was probably still better down the piece.


I had a feeling that playing for a win is still possible for black here (and Rybka agrees), but any mistake and my position would crumble. Given that a draw would give us at least a chance for victory, and a loss would be the end, I decided to take the draw by repetition.

Though I had a win well within my sights, I was happy to draw a 1720 player with black. I'm already learning what types of mistakes you must avoid in OTB games and I can feel myself getting better each game.