Pinwheel in Action

Jan 15, 2009, 8:13 AM |

  I'm what i think is a pretty interesting scenario from a recent game at a chess club.  It had been a long night, and my opponent was quite strong.  The position presented is from memory so doesn't include all moves up to this point. 

  My opponent had just managed to promote a pawn to his second queen.  It meant that i could not allow him a single move or else there was a chance i would be at least drawn or potentially lost.  One important thing to note is that my knight is pinned, and is effectively prevented from providing a check or mate.

We pick up the action after a long think after i've convinced myself that i should move forward with attempting mate.  My thought was that i could at least take his two pawns as he had no response other than shuffling his king back and forth between B8 and C8.