Through the Mirror of Chess is now on Amazon Prime!

Through the Mirror of Chess is now on Amazon Prime!

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Great news! Following strong demand the docuseries Through the Mirror of Chess: A Cultural Exploration is now available on Amazon Prime. Perhaps it helped that the film was the recipient of the Best Documentary Award by Chess Journalists of America! bp bb Film page with all details HERE. bn br

Watch this award-winning captivating docuseries examining the remarkable impact of chess on culture, art, science, social empowerment and more. You will be taken on an exhilarating journey across a wide range of times and places touching on cultural history, the nature of competitiveness, AI, psychology, game theory, chess variants, art, literature, gender bias, genius, linguistics, education, personal empowerment, social advancement, prison reform, and much more to comprehensively address the question of what makes the game so unique.

Featured participants:

  • Daniel Rensch
  • Theo Wait (Lichess)
  • Daniel Gormally
  • Jovanka Houska
  • Larry Kaufman
  • Raymond Keene
  • Rick Knowlton
  • Elshan Moradiabad
  • Elisabeth Pähtz
  • Bruce Pandolfini
  • Irene Sukandar
  • Jenny Adams, Professor of English, UM Amherst and author of Power Play: The Literature and Politics of Chess in the Late Middle Ages
  • Pontus Carlsson, GM, involved with Business Meets Chess and Kids
  • Tom Dart, Sheriff Cook County, Illinois
  • Deborah Freeman Fahid, author of Chess and Other Games Pieces From Islamic Lands
  • Mikhail Korenman, Director of Cook County Jail Chess Program, Illinois
  • David Kwan and Jenny Yan, experts on Xiangqi and its community
  • Russell Makofsky, Founder at The Gift of Chess
  • Tunde Onakoya, Founder at Chess in Slums Africa
  • Antonio Panaino, Professor of Iranian Studies, University of Bologna
  • Carl Portman, chess in UK prisons
  • Ulrich Schädler, Professor of Art History and Archaeology, Freiburg University
  • Wang-Sheng Lee, Professor of Economics, Monash University
  • David Smerdon, Assistant Professor of Behavioral and Development Economics, The University of Queensland
  • Elisabeth Spiegel, chess teacher/coach featured in the documentary Brooklyn Castle
  • Hou Yifan, Chinese Grandmaster, Former Women’s World Chess Champion and Professor of the School of Physical Education, ​​Shenzhen University

bp bb Film page with all details HERE bn br