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    • Chess is War. What Principles Guide it?

      When the game of chess came into being in its prehistory, it was a war game (either an aid to plan strategy and tactics, or substitute for bloodless warfare). So to understand chess you need to understand the methods of classical warfare. And I ... | Read More

    • Stalin's Terror was Felt in Chess Too!

      It seems that “chess appeals to the dictator in us all, providing the awesomeness of destruction without the tiresome details: bloody hands, murdered children and mass graves,” --Dr Beachcombing. Stalin has played chess. So we may assume that... | Read More

    • R. I. P. GLIGO

      This is very sad indeed. He was a lovely man, full of humanity and humility. One of the most gentlemanly people one could hope to meet." --IM David Levy       Svetozar Gligorić (Serbian Cyrillic: Светозар Глигорић), also k... | Read More

    • GULAG Chess

      Chess in Gulags? Yes, prisoners in forced labor camps and all other "corrective" institutions have always been playing chess fondly. There are all types of people playing chess as you know: kings and beggars, 1% and 99%, good and bad, saints and s... | Read More

    • Crash Course on How to Disturb Your Opponent When You're Losing

      If you think you have known all those ways of how to disturb and distract your chess opponent, read this: you will be amazed at how some people may be imaginative and what they may come up with. Here's what a desperate loser can do (as describe... | Read More

    • Metal-Heads or Humans? Who's More Intelligent at Chess?

      Let’s be honest. Computer chess programs are unbeatable. They can beat me, they can beat you, they beat Kasparov. Did it mean Deep Blue was more intelligent than Kasparov? Are computers and artificial “intelligence” really capable of somet... | Read More