Stalin's Terror was Felt in Chess Too!

Stalin's Terror was Felt in Chess Too!

Aug 19, 2012, 9:12 AM |

It seems that “chess appeals to the dictator in us all, providing the awesomeness of destruction without the tiresome details: bloody hands, murdered children and mass graves,” --Dr Beachcombing.

Stalin has played chess. So we may assume that he has done all the above on the chessboard as well.

Besides chess, he also played games.

Today I would like you to read about one of his many games, one that you may have not heard before.

It's a recount of a story about chess of politics that Evgeny Gik, a Russian chess Master, writer and journalist told to Mr. Igor Dvinsky.

"The game" between Stalin and Tito was like a best thriller movie:

Place: Helsinki Olympiad

Date: 1952

Director: Comrade Stalin

Main stars: GM Kotov, GM Najdorf

You are going to see how much dirty laundry there has always been in sports in spite of all our ideals of fair play, honor and chivalry (and not only in sports to be sure).

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