2013 Sudbury Chess Championship

NM ih8sens
Dec 1, 2013, 4:23 AM |

Today is the last day of this year's 2013 Sudbury Championship.  This has been the strongest Sudbury CC of all time, with an average player rating nearing 1800.  The first three rounds have produced very exciting chess.  I'll try to hunt down a few games to publish later, but for now let me tell you that this tournament has been filled with upsets!  My rapidly-improving student Todd (rated 1350) has 1.5/3 with a draw against an 1800 and a 20 move win with black against a 1600.  

A perennial favourite, NM and CCGM Bob Kiviaho has only managed 1.5/3, drawing a 1650 who is now 2.5/3 (!).  Bob has had an interesting tournament... he played the king's gambit in round 1 and was completely busted (rook down) but managed to come up with a crazy mating attack.  He was busted in round two as well, but managed to save a pawn down endgame with an inferior minor piece.  In round three, Bob and I faced off.  This game saw the tables turn for Bob.  I generated what I thought to be a crushing kingside attack and tried to sac through his kingside right before the time control.  With just a few seconds on his clock Bob found all the right moves, and as we stopped to think on move 31 we realized that I was going to have to struggle to draw.  At one point the computer gives Mr. Kiviaho +13, however he had managed to fall into time pressure again and was having a hard time untangling his position without getting mated (or perped).  Eventually I was able to come up with a subtle mating attack which was unstoppable.  A lucky win for me!

That ends Bob Kiviaho's story, as he has withdrawn from the tournament.

I'm currently 3/3.  I'll share my round 1 game, as it was a bit of a miniature...