A Repertoire For The Aspiring Master

NM ih8sens
Apr 6, 2016, 6:39 PM |

So I'm thinking about writing a book.  "That's nice Matt, but you're not strong enough to write a book."  Good point, collective audience, but here's the thing.  Quite by accident, I've found myself interested in top correspondence games while simultaneously noticing my own repertoire becoming far deeper.  On top of this, I've been playing quite a lot of chess lately and experimenting with different things and I'm starting to notice what really works against lower rated players.


I don't think non-masters should be spending that much time on the opening.  It's a lot of work and most games aren't decided in the early phase of the game.  What we really want is a repertoire with both colours that provides your colour the easier game.  We want an opening where experience counts.  We want something sharp enough to give realistic winning chances but sane enough that we won't likely get bogged down by heavy theory. 


Do openings like this exist for either colour?  I think so.  


My goal is this: To create a repertoire for both white and black that is easy to learn, provides an objectively playable position, and that is written in a way that is easy to remember. 


I think this is a perfect book for a guy like me to write.  I'm a relatively newly titled player, meaning I'm not so good that I take certain moves for granted that really deserve an explanation.  A GM might have a harder time writing in such a style. 

Anyway, I've already started some work on the book.  I'm hoping to have the Black repertoire completed and for sale as an e-book by the end of the year.  If anybody would like to critique a small sample please let me know!