Aurora Chess Day

NM ih8sens

This Saturday I'm playing in the Aurora (Ontario) Chess Day event.  It's a 4 round standard tournament where they cram all 4 games into one day. This appealed to me because I don't often have free weekends, and so when I do play I like to get as many games in as I can in as short a period of time.

I also tend to play my best chess at rapid time controls.  Although this tournament is considered standard, it's g/55'+5s, as close to rapid as you can get while still being standard.

One interesting thing about this tournament is that it's one big open section.  The median rating is <1400.  Most likely my first two games will be straightforward followed by two difficult games.  I'm the third seed.  My goal is to score 3.5/4.

I'll post my games (possibly with video annotation) shortly after the tournament!