Bad Bishops, IQP's, And Why Lower Rated Games Are Insructive

NM ih8sens
Mar 10, 2016, 6:27 PM |

Back when I was coaching more frequently, I created a little database which I called the "Mismatch Files".  These were games where a GM wrecked a player in the 1800-2200 range.  

I showed my students these games because they found it very instructive to see a GM beat somebody who chose the plans that they might have used.  The problem with GM vs GM games, is that the critical ideas never show up on the board because both players are fully aware of them.  The games become much more subtle and much less instructive unless you are also a master or are very familiar with the positions you're studying.  


The following game is a nice example of how I was able to beat a lower rated player in very instructive style.  Note how black achieved a desirable ending, and then stop for a second to find a good plan to increase the advantage.  Then take note of how white struggled to achieve activity, and how black was able to punish the pseudo-active moves once he was no longer able to prevent all activity.