Beginner To Master - Part 2

Beginner To Master - Part 2

NM ih8sens
Sep 4, 2013, 4:08 PM |

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My rather hilarious student wanted this blog to be called "The Rise of Todd", so we can pretend it is :).

Here's another annotated game played by the same student (I will use other students, I promise) at a recent tournament.  I've added my own notes in the second game.  There are a few valuable lessons in this game including the value of:

  • Playing proper openings.
  • Knowing those openings well and constantly learning more.
  • Not being afraid to play 'odd' moves, but calculating very critically before trying anything that looks 'funny'.
  • Being alert to which side of the board you are playing on.
  • Avoiding doing anything that may help your opponent to gain counterplay.
  • Being aware of both weak pawns and weak squares (d6 in this case).
  • Knowing which pawn breaks are available to you and utilizing them at the right moment.
  • And one thing done very well... utilizing a space advantage to penetrate the enemy camp!

Most importantly - tactical awareness is often if not always the most important aspect of chess.  Be alert!

Student Annotations:

My Notes

See you next time!

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