Finally You Can Afford A Master Coach!

Finally You Can Afford A Master Coach!

NM ih8sens
Jun 10, 2016, 4:53 PM |

After taking a good year off coaching, I've decided to start again and with a very unique approach!


Starting Sunday, June 19, and every Sunday after this at 1:30PM Eastern time (New York/Toronto) I am offering group lessons!


The lessons will utilize the coaching features of the server, in conjunction with Skype to create an interactive environment where students can ask questions freely.  Those who have taken lessons with me in the past know that my approach is very well structured and that if you're willing to put the work in you will improve. 


Depending on the response I may add more sessions, but for now my target audience is players rated 1500-1800.  If you are slightly above or below this range, you may still benefit, of course.


The lesson on June 19 will be entitled Pawn Breaks 101 - How To Have A Plan In Every Position.  The lesson will be one hour long and will blow your mind .


Since this is just a trial run, entry will be only $5USD per person! If you find yourself in positions with nice development and no idea what to do next, then this will be a can't-miss opportunity! Rates increase to $10 on June 13th, so register soon!


If you're interested in joining please reply to this post or message me and I'll reply with my Paypal information.