Hamilton Summer Open - Day 1

NM ih8sens
Aug 22, 2009, 6:37 PM |

Well, I'm finally back in my hotel room with Drake Lalonde (PMorphy123 here on chess.com ... he's my latest loss if you're reading this while the blog is fresh).

The tournament's been pretty good so far.  One little glitch occured when Drake and I were paired together in round 1!  We decided to play the game and then take a draw one move from mate... I was a bit of a moron and didn't realize I had mate in one when he offered me the draw :P ... so I declined it which was retarded, but we worked all that out and the game was called drawn.


Anyways, the other two games were pretty good.  Good enough to tie me for first after 3 of 5.

Here they are... I've thrown in a few annotations.