Hanging On For Dear Life

NM ih8sens
Oct 21, 2015, 1:03 PM |

Sometimes, and it sucks - but it happens, you end up in a crap position.  

Sometimes you're dead lost and resignation is really the only option.  Frankly, I prefer this because you aren't forced to suffer. You can just move on to the next game.

But sometimes, you have chances to hold.  Probably you're objectively lost, but there are a lot of nuances that could allow for fortress saves and such.  If you've ever tried playing the Berlin against Houdini you'll know what I'm talking about.  Yeah, you might be able to draw... but the computer isn't going to offer you one... so you end up having to play 300 moves and at some point you'll overlook some ridiculous trick and then you'll be forced to find a miracle.  

Okay that said, I had an interesting training game against a WIM from overseas.

The opening wasn't particularly interesting. I played an opening I wasn't familiar with, fell into an 'equalizing' trap where black gets a slightly easier game, and eventually found myself in a position where I had to take desperate measures if I wanted to survive. 

We ended up in an endgame with 4 bishops on the board.  Unfortunately, both of mine were essentially trapped and I had to dance around with my king hoping black couldn't make progress.  Finally, she tried to win outright.

Recognising this was a critical moment, I went into a deep think.

Try to save the game!  You can post your answers in the comments if you'd like.