Have Your Games Analyzed By a Master

NM ih8sens
Jun 3, 2015, 4:59 AM |

Okay so just a clown NM with no talent ;).

If you look through my blog you'll notice I've posted a whole bunch of my own games with notes and variations and little tidbits that I think are educational.  But now I'm sick of my own games and would like to start teaching a little bit :).

If any of you have games that you would like to have analyzed in my blog for free, send me a PM!

A couple rules to have your games analyzed in my blog:

- You must not have won the game.

- The time control must have been 30 minutes or longer.

- You must send me the game via PM, with your own notes included so I can comment on them.

- Your notes should include your opinion as to where you went wrong and why.


That's it!

Once again, I'm offering free analysis of your games!  This should be a great chance to get master insights without paying for a master coach!