I'm Learning Too! - The Schliemann Revisited

I'm Learning Too! - The Schliemann Revisited

NM ih8sens
Sep 9, 2013, 10:33 AM |

There's a particular user on this site (who I will not name because calling somebody out online should be reserved for young children (you have no idea how many 11 year olds have slept with my mother in xbox land...)), who finds it amusing to write a counter-blog to all of my blogs whilst calling me an idiot (usually in a very cleverly worded way... it's almost impressive) and posting fairly superficial analysis.  It is, however, a lot easier to defend an opening than it is to attack it and so his analysis is usually pretty decent (plus my blogs are designed for the average tournament player... not masters).

That said, he's posted a counter argument to my Schliemann line that seems to show black equalizing or coming very close to it.

As you read that blog, you'll note that I only really covered 11... Nxe4, which in hindsight was obviously a terrible move.  Better prepared (correspondence) players have been using 11... Bg4 more recently, and although it usually involves giving up a pawn or two, black seems to have some concrete compensation.  

I suspect the extra bit of pressure an open F file is able to give compensates for a small material deficit, leaving me to wonder if we are not better to try to exploit the weakened light squares by fighting for the initiative rather than material.  

Rambling aside, I'm now going to 'bite' and do a second blog about the Schliemann where I try to be a little bit more comprehensive and find a sure advantage for white.  Maybe I'll fail :).