Lasker's Defense

NM ih8sens
Feb 9, 2012, 6:58 AM |

Just a quick game I played at the club yesterday.  A few annotations are included, as I normally do.  I know a lot of people find defenses like Laskers QGD to be dry, but the fact is that many d4 players have answers to even the sharpest defenses (Benoni, Benko, KID, etc.) that quash most of black's attacking chances anyways.  I've always felt (or at least, once my experiments with the KID and Grunfeld failed miserably) that to beat a d4 player, you must first equalize and then outplay them the exact same way they had intended to outplay you when they opened 1. d4.  

Anyways, enough babbling.  Enjoy the game :)