Model Game - Space Advantage In The Endgame

An excellent game played over the weekend in the Russian Higher League.  Black had a slight initiative for most of the game but was unable to break white's pawn structure.  As pieces came off the board, would it matter? ... I think the answer is yes.  White played very well.  

I've thrown in a few notes in an effort to explain the winning procedure white used in this game.  Keep in mind, though, that this game interested me so much because I am often unable to convert positions where all I have is a little extra space.



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    Nice ending

  • 3 years ago


    Great notes! Very informative, thanks.

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    Wow, to be honest, the panno variation is something that has given me a hard time in the fianchetto KID. I had a bad experience with advancing d4-d5 and that knight often ending up "annoyingly good" on a5. As a matter of fact, in my analysis sessions it wouldn't be uncommon for the computer to say black is slightly better in these sorts of lines where black gets an easy ...b5. And though I know computers are sometimes wrong, it seemed to make sense -- white's center seems to be going nowhere, black has space on the queenside, and it was just very hard to see how white would be able to make a threat. But as you said, if white can consolidate his queenside, he might be able to just slowly nurture his center or look for chances in an ending.

    This game is great for showing the potential long-term consequences of black allowing d4-d5. Though I had decided to not push d4-d5 in response to the panno anymore, I think I might give it another look!

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    Beautiful and very technical ending.

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    Very good endgame, that was also very hard to convert into a win.

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