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My Path to FM - Week 14

My Path to FM - Week 14

May 3, 2016, 9:40 AM 15

More of the same this week.  Most likely I'm about 1 year away from the Zonal where I hope to pull off a GM level performance and earn my FM title.  It's probably safe to say I won't be able to score well against the Canadian GM's, but I already do fairly well against the FM's and if I can pull 50% against the IM's I'll probably have a good enough score to achieve my goal.  In the meantime I'm always on the lookout for FIDE rated tournaments.  


I actually have a FIDE tournament coming up at the end of May.  It's the Ontario Open, held 400km (250ish miles ) south of me in Toronto.  That in mind, I played a training game this week that I'd like to share.  I outrated my opponent by a bit, plus I had white, but I think it shows good practical play.  Throughout the game my opponent had a lot of tough decisions to make, and a series of slight inaccuracies eventually won the game for me.


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