My Path to FM - Week 2

My Path to FM - Week 2

NM ih8sens

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This was a busy non-chess week for me.  I still managed to get lots done though.



I managed to climb from 2021 to 2056.  At one point I had made 2070something but I failed three in a row trying to rush my tactics one day so I could go out for a bit.  That was pretty stupid, but at least I'm trending up.  I went 30/35 on the week. 


Here's one I failed:

I didn't do a whole lot of opening work.  I did play a bunch of blitz using the Caro Kann and compared my games to my chessbase file.  I discovered that a lot of players use the same lines.  For example:
Practical Play
I got a training game in this week!  It was a 60/0 game, which is the first time I played at that time control.  I played something unusual and got a pretty good game, but took a pretty risky position and blundered and lost.  Disappointing, but losing happens sometimes...
I guess that's about it.
For week three I'd like to play a little better in my training game.  I should probably stick to my real repertoire.  I'll also be more careful about when I do my tactics.  Still, I feel some small progress is being made each week.  I'm seeing the board with more clarity when I do my tactical puzzles.  I hit an all time high blitz rating on of 2261.  If any titled players are interested in a training game this Thursday or Friday, please let me know!  60/0 was too short for me, but I'd be willing to do anything between 45/45 and 90/30.
Tty next week!
Ps- A bunch of people have asked me my chesstempo handle... it's also ih8sens.