My Path to FM - Week 3 (Part 2)

My Path to FM - Week 3 (Part 2)

NM ih8sens

Part 1 here


Something I've noticed is that success is rarely that exciting.  In early editions of this blog I noted that when I got my title, a lot of it had to do with uninspiring chess where I survived bad positions and capitalized on huge blunders.  As much as I would have liked to have clinched my title via some positional crush against a master, I ended up earning it by getting lucky and stumbling into an ultra-long mating sequence against an untitled player who actually outplayed me for the most of the game.  


The point is that the fruits of hard work and training don't always taste as good as you might expect.


Anyway that leads me to the reason week 3 has two blogs.  I played in a rapid tournament today that I was expected to win, and that I did win.  

Here are a few interesting puzzles from my games:


So yeah, not the most exciting tournament (nor the most difficult problems) but at least I won enough cash to pay for my CFC membership renewal.  That's 5 years in a row now that I haven't had to pay my membership out of pocket lol.
By the way, those Chesstempo Mixed Tactics are quite challenging.  I've made it up to 1940.  Reaching my goal of 2000 will move me into the top 20 or better.  
For the upcoming week I'll be taking a small trip, so I won't be able to train much, but I'll still do my 5 daily tactics.  Maybe I can make 2000 in just a week!
Tty all soon.