My Path to FM - Week 5 - Update

My Path to FM - Week 5 - Update

NM ih8sens
Mar 1, 2016, 8:50 PM |

So my last post was pretty whiny because I was overtired and under-performing.  One of the FM's who often reads my blog (and has made some very instructive comments) suggested I take a little break.  Unfortunately I'm a raging chess addict and would rather bash my head against the proverbial wall than take a single day off chess.


Anyway I wanted to post a short update.  I'm still on nights, but I finally got a proper sleep in and tried my hand at mixed tactics again.  When I posted my week 4 blog I bragged that I had climbed into the top 20 on ChessTempo by achieving a "mixed" rating of 2000.  Last week I had dropped all the way back to the low 1900's and was feeling pretty upset with myself.  As I mentioned in my first and second blogs, I need to be performing at an IM level or better if I expect to win my FM title in the next year or so.  I feel as though I can't afford to play badly for even a single week.  All that said, after a full 7 hours of rest, I'm back on the horse and pushing the limits of my abilities.  I once again feel like I'm playing the best chess of my life.


The only thing I wanted to update in this blog was my Tactics performance.  As I mentioned, my goal was to bring my "Mixed" tactics rating on from 2000 (top 20) to 2100 (top 3).  As of this moment, I've made it to 2052 which puts me at number 5 on the active tacticians list.  


Here's a really tough one for you to try.  Remember, in "mixed" mode, you simply have to find the best move.  I won't tell you if you're trying to win, equalize, or simply not lose immediately. 


Alright, I'll leave it at that.  If you're a titled player with a rating over 2100 and under 2400 and you feel like a training game this week, I'm available Thursday, Friday, and Sunday.  Shoot me a message if you're interested.  My favourite time control is 90'+30s, although I'm flexible.
Talk to you all next week!
Further Update March 2, 2016
My ChessTempo Mixed rating has climbed to 2082.  Several highly ranked users have become active in the past 24 hours, however I climbed over most of them and reclaimed my spot as #5 on the active users list.  The 4 users ahead of me have a substantial lead, so I might take a break from Mixed and try my hand at "Blitz" and "Standard" mode for a while. 
I also got a training game in today.  I won, but I didn't feel like I played very well.  I won't post the game because I used an opening idea that I plan on repeating in critical games.  Essentially, my opening went very well and then I blitzed the rest of the game because I had accomplished what I wanted.  If I want to continue to improve I really need to take my training games more seriously, instead of being satisfied that I outplayed my opponent and then relaxing before the game actually ends.  I'll work on that.
Once again, though, 2082 in mixed mode is a pretty neat rating.  Things are going well!