My Path to FM - Week 9

My Path to FM - Week 9

NM ih8sens
Mar 27, 2016, 11:39 AM |

Well I didn't get any long training games in this week, but played a few 15 minute games that were quite serious.  There are two that I'd like to share with some notes this week.  I lost one, which I think I learned quite a lot from.  The one I won was kind of neat, but it taught me that I need to do some serious work on the Grunfeld.


Here's the loss.


Anyway this taught me a few things... 
  1. still have a tendency to play automatic moves right out of the opening.  My first out of move book was move 12 and instead of stopping to think I automatically blitzed out Bg4 instead of noticing that I can win the e4 pawn tactically.
  2. While I am almost never in time trouble (except against IM's and GM's for some reason) I tend to move too quickly.  Moving faster than necessary is another form of time management trouble.  
  3. I failed to commit in this game.  I could have either played calmly or pursued in a kingside attack.  Both options were fine... I went for the kingside attack and then bailed by never playing g4 and I ended up in a worse endgame as a result. Then later in the game I picked a nice spot to get counterplay (by breaking g4, ironically) and then bailed AGAIN by missing Rf8.  Not sure how to fix this, but at least I can be aware of it.  Probably this is the result of poor calculation which is a result of poor time management. 

And here's the win:

Here I learned that I need to come up with something against the Grunfeld! I did okay, but only because my opponent wasn't all that great.  
Anyway... it's been two months of hard training.  So far so good... I think I'm getting good at some of the practical stuff.  Most notably - I'm getting pretty good (even against GM's) at bailing out into a drawn position when I start getting into trouble.  Probably this means that I'm becoming more accurate in evaluating positions.  
Over the next month I'm going to try to play some 90'+ games.  I think I could see a lot of progress by taking more time in critical positions.  
That's all for now! See you all next week.  I'll try to make sure I have a long game to share with you guys
Finally played a decent game against this one GM I've been paired up with quite a bit.