Poor Sportsmanship

NM ih8sens
Jul 12, 2012, 11:03 PM |

A nice little 3 minute blitz game I just played.  And another reason why I find both sides of the Dragon so interesting... it can lead to anything!

Unfortunately, immediately after this game I was cursed, blocked, and accused of cheating by my opponent.  This goes to show that titled players, who I have typically found to be very classy (once you get past their shy shell), are not above ridiculous comments.  Individuals of this nature can be found at all levels, and I entreat everyone reading this blog to have a little class. 

At any rate, even though it was only a 3 minute blitz game, I've taken the liberty of annotating it a little bit, as the endgame was interesting.


Hope you liked it!  Stay classy guys...