Slaying The 9. O-O-O Nxd5?! Dragon - According to Vigorito

Another nice correspondence game I just finished.  I followed David Vigorito's new book "The Sicilian Dragon" all the way to move 24, and used a tactical motiff he mentioned several moves further.  The win was quite certain by the time I left preparation.

I strongly recommend the book to all Dragon players. 

Here's the game, with a few of my personal notes.


  • 4 years ago


    Great game!!
    I am kind of a die hard dragon player myself and I used to play this line for black for a while until I tried it against myself and won as white every time!! I think that even though its confusing for me at the moment, 9... d5 offers the best chance I can see, so thats what I am experimenting with now

    The bishop on d4 is just too good for me, it makes the exchange sacs on c3 pointless and makes the long diagonal neutral. Why allow them to go there for free?? its not logical

    Also a question in the game continuation have you ever seen 12... h5

    I don't know if that just loses or not im just curious to see ur ideas 

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