Tactical Chaos!

NM ih8sens
Jul 2, 2009, 9:57 AM |

As I'm sure just about everyone who follows my blogs knows, I tend to avoid situations where positional concepts don't find the move for you.  As much as I love tactics and actually work very hard in the tactics trainer, I tend to (like so many other players of similar caliber) avoid needless messes.


My opponent, on the other hand, in the game I'm about to show you, loves tactics.  We've played several games together, all of them very interesting.  In our first match I allowed him into a tactical slugfest and really got taught a lesson in dilligence!  Ever since then I've been deliberately playing complicated theoretical lines, trying to avoid the messes he so creatively makes.


In the game you'll see below, I wasn't able to restrain him!  The result is a series of several moves where it is essentially impossible to tell who is better.  In the end I believe my opponent came out better, but promptly lost his way as the critical moments of the game arrived.  Interesting nonetheless!