That Greedy Little ...

NM ih8sens
Mar 20, 2010, 9:52 AM |

Wow! Long time no blog!

As usual, this blog contains a (well?) annotated game I played recently.  It also contains no formatting and looks like it was written by a caveman.  Hopefully you guys appreciate the content more than the aesthetics.  Or (even better) one of you can give me a crash course on how to not suck at blogging!


That said, here's an interesting rapid match I recently played.  Every once in a while you'll run into an opponent who plays into an opening you know well, only to deviate by grabbing a pawn you didn't even realize was there to be won!  Now what?  You're down a pawn... but... you know you must be better or else grabbing that stupid pawn would be the stupid main stupid line. 

If you're anything like me, hopefully this game will help alleviate one of those potential spaz attacks. 

I'll try to describe my thoughts as accurately as possible in the annotations. (Pay special attention to the ideal piece setup described on move 10.)