The Gender Divide In Chess

NM ih8sens
Aug 24, 2010, 9:14 PM |

If you ask me, which no one did but I'll pretend someone out there was thinking: 'I wonder what some random young guy thinks about gender divides in chess', it looks like people are a little too scared of being 'sexist' (besides "Matt" Shankland) and missing the truth in all these articles and other blogs I've been reading.

Right now women aren't playing chess as well as men.

It's a generalization but it's true.  Clearly women are able to play as well as men, but it's about time that someone proves Polgar's success wasn't a one time thing.  Women need to stop hiding behind their gender and start playing with the same spirit that professional men need to make a living.  "Chess is, above all, a fight." (Lasker). 

My opinion is this: If women are content making a living as mediocre players in gender exclusive events, then they don't have or need the same type of 'fighting spirit' professional men need to play at a considerably higher calibre and they won't make it.  It's about time professional women follow Judit Polgar's lead and begin playing with the big boys (no pun intended.)

If we want to be able to say women are 'as good at chess as men', we need to abolish every trace of 'gender exclusive' chess (titles and tournaments).  If the women won't do it for themselves then FIDE should.  It's time a woman works her way into a world championship match.

Playing WITH the gender exclusive tournaments is sexist... not the other way around.

Just my two cents... :P

PS: Yuanling Yuan (a 16 year old "Womans international master" *facepalm*) just beat IM Artiom Samsonkin to win the Hamilton summer open just a couple days ago... it was kinda nice to see.


Looking forward to a time when it's not weird to 'lose to a girl',

- Matt Nicholson (not even a title... :P)