ChessPersonality Test

ChessPersonality Test

Aug 5, 2016, 9:41 AM |

Over the past year, as I have grown and developed in my chess-playing skill, I have taken the ChessPersonality test quite a few times. While at first I always got a different result, lately I have been getting the same result consistently, which leads me to believe that I have settled into a play style. I thought I would share it with you!

I am an Assassin

Assassins are all about controlled aggression. They tend to play sharp openings (especially 1.e4 as white) and look to attack the opponent's King. But their attacks are not wild or careless - everything is still governed by the objective demands of the position and exact calculation. Assassins tend to play "against the pieces" rather than "against the opponent". They won't alter their own play to try to take advantage of the opponent's psychology.

Robert J Fischer is an Assassin

Bobby Fischer (1943-2008), the eleventh World Chess Champion, was one deadly Assassin. One of the most dominant players of all time, the American became a grandmaster at the age of only fifteen and eventually took the world championship in a 1972 match with Boris Spassky. Fischer's perfect composure, along with accurate calculation and great will to win, caused his opponents to crumble. Fischer's opening repertoire was very limited, but also very sharp and very well prepared. All in all, Bobby Fischer was a chess machine long before actual chess engines could play at anywhere near that level.













Recommended Openings

My thoughts on my results: surprisingly accurate! When they describe play style--that's how I play. Those sliders showing where I am on the scales, dead on. And I think it's cool to know that I play most like Bobby Fischer! The only thing I was surprised by is the recommended openings. I don't play any of those! As white I am very settled in to the Italian opening. As black, perhaps I should study the Sicilian... I normally play King's pawn. But I'm willing to try something new!

I would recommend this test for anyone with 5-10 mins free to take it! It's really quite telling. You can take it here: If you do take the test, please share your results below--I'd love to hear it!