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Game of the Week: Bullet Chess--Simplified

Game of the Week: Bullet Chess--Simplified

Jul 3, 2016, 5:27 PM 3

The game below comes from my most recent bullet tournament (for a story about that, visit here.) It's not the most amazing game ever, but considering the nature of bullet chess, I thought it was worth sharing. The game had relatively few blunders on both sides. 
Time control was 2|1. I play basically the same opening every game, but early on, my opponent forced me to change strategy. This particular player traded pieces off every chance he got. Kind of annoying to me, but it worked out in my favor.
Unfortunately for him, after we had traded everything off, he blundered! After a simple promotion, I came to an easy win. It's not often I play a full bullet game, come to the endgame, and then promote, with just under a minute still left on my clock!
Hope you enjoy. Please feel free to comment below!

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