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Game of the Week: Discovered Checkmate!

Game of the Week: Discovered Checkmate!

Aug 14, 2016, 11:13 PM 2

I am always surprised when I play a game of bullet chess that is actually worth remembering. It seems every game I play is rife with blunders and unsound tactics on both sides, some of which are punished, but many of which go unnoticed. There is almost no time to calculate, so I often end up playing moves that have refutations that I just hadn't seen yet.

As is true with most bullet matches, the game below does have inaccuracies. But what is special to me about this game is the end! It is incredibly satisfying when a tactical sequence zings through your head in an instant, and then upon playing it, you find it was valid. What's more, this wasn't just any tactic—the sequence ended with a discovered checkmate! How often do you get to play one of those?? grin.png

I hope you enjoyed this neat little game. Please feel free to comment below! happy.png

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