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Game of the Week: Flying Knight Maneuver

Game of the Week: Flying Knight Maneuver

Jul 18, 2016, 9:52 PM 5

My next game of the week is a recent tournament game. It might just be one of the best games I have ever played.

Coming to this game, rated 1576, I knew I was in for a long fight when I saw my opponent was rated 2030! I didn't write it off as a loss, but I felt a change in the game plan was necessary.

I thought of the episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation (that's right, I said it wink.png ) in which Data must play a game against the best master of that game. How did he eventually win? He played for the draw, until his opponent resigned! Although a seemingly strange strategy, I felt this was a good course of action for me to take as well.

I actually played two games against this player with this mindset, and in the other game I achieved the draw I was playing for all along—which is actually quite good in and of itself. But in the game below, something quite different took place. See for yourself!

I hope you enjoyed this game, with my "flying knight maneuver" at the end. Please share your thoughts or comments (on the game or even on my mindset) below!

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