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Join the Not-So PRO Chess League!

Join the Not-So PRO Chess League!

Apr 22, 2017, 12:02 AM 6

Enjoyed the PRO Chess League, but were bummed that you were unable to compete? Maybe you did compete but just can't wait another year to play again? Please come join us in the Not-So PRO Chess League! It's like the PCL, but... well... not so pro. wink.png

The NSPCL is a league modeled after the PCL. While we do have some differences (partly because we are smaller right now!), this is still a fun place to make teams, compete, and even make new friends. You can create a small in-group team of your own, or join someone else's team (there will be several more teams created by other members.) The teams will compete to prove which is the best! Each week, teams will be paired (in the Swiss pairing style) and face off, board 1 playing board 1, 2 playing 2, and so on. Individuals will play a single game each week (with colors predetermined by random draw), with 6 days to schedule and play the game at a time convenient for both players--we hope this will make it easy for the league to work with everyone's schedules! The time control for all games is 15|2. You can see the complete rules at http://www.notsoprochessleague.com/rule-book.html.

We are hoping to gather enough players--GM to beginner--from around the globe, so that we can form 32 teams of 4 players. If we can get this number, then the top 16 teams will go into the Playoffs, and one team will be declared victorious! We can't have more than 32 teams this season (though it would be great to do so in the future!), so hurry, and secure your place today! Visit http://www.notsoprochessleague.com/sign-up.html and also join the Club at https://www.chess.com/club/not-so-pro-chess-league. Registrations will close if we reach 128 members!

We sincerely hope that you will join us for this next season. We want everyone to have a chance to compete like the pros! Well, almost like the pros.

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