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Your Games Analyzed: Unsound Sacrifice?

Your Games Analyzed: Unsound Sacrifice?

Aug 19, 2016, 6:36 PM 5

Thus far, I have spent quite a few posts analyzing my own games. While I still plan to do this, I have decided to begin analyzing games for my readers as well. If you have a game that you would like analyzed, please send it to me, any time! Though I cannot commit to analyzing every single game I receive, I will certainly look over each one, and yours might be the one I analyze and post to my blog! grin.png

To start out this new service, I asked my friends if they had any games they wanted analyzed. I received the following game from my friend jparr1. It is a relatively short game with an interesting position. The whole game was set up by a novelty(?) gambit in the early opening. I am not certain whether or not this sacrifice was sound--I am leaning toward saying it wasn't--but I will let the game speak for itself. It worked out in his benefit, to be sure.

Here is my analysis:

Please feel free to leave feedback below! Perhaps you saw something I missed? And again, please don't hesitate to send me one of your games--I would love to hear from you!

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