Some games from Marienbad 1925

Some games from Marienbad 1925

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Beautiful photo, isn't it?! It's Marienbad 1925, a tournament with Gunsberg as its director that started just 10 days after the end of Baden-Baden 1925. 10 players participated in both. Alekhine and Bogoljubov were also invited but didn't make it. Absences that had caused some negative comments concerning the quality of the games. However, I've found some that I've loved...

from Dutch press

Torre vs Grunfeld, 1-0

Just few days had passed since these two were sitting over the same chessboard within Baden-Baden. Then Torre had crashed Grunfeld in 14 moves with black!! Here lost again but after some hard fight...


"In the Vienna newspaper Allgemeine Zeitung, Richard Réti described this game as 'the most brilliant of the Marienbad tournament.' Réti referred to Carlos Torre in the following terms: 'Despite his youth, Torre is a mature master, with self-control, who knows well what he wants. He does not allow the attractions of fame or money to lead him away from his path. He was asked he why did not take advantage of his stay in Europe to give exhibitions and take trips, which would doubtless bring him greater fame and public recognition. Torre replied that these did not interest him, for the simple reason that he would not learn anything.'" [from The Life and Chess Games of Carlos Torre by Gabriel Velasco //I couldn't track Allgemeine Zeitung of 1925.]


Rubinstein vs Nimzowitsch, 0-1

The best of this tournament in a variation that has its name...


Przepiorka vs Opocensky, 1-0

A beautiful game played by two players that I had never heard before this. Karel Opočenský is a then future Czech Champion, while Dawid Przepiórka a future Polish champion, and a chess composer, something I think that maybe can be seen in this game. Przepiórka possibly was executed by the nazis in 1940.


the photo

from Das interessante Blatt of 11.06.1925. Alternate version of this photo can be found in Winter's CN 5119, but as some names are missing...: Left to right, standing: editor & chess player Burian, editor & chess player Kmoch, chess editor Waller, Torre, chess master Dr. Seitz, Przepiorka, Spielmann, Reti, Grünfeld, Sämisch, Tartakower, Haida, Opocensky  //sitting: spa director Schwappacher, Nimzowitsch, Michell, Rubinstein, tournament director Gunsberg, Marienbad mayor Dr. H. Turba, Chairman of the German Chess Federation V. Tietz, Sir G. E. Thomas, Janowski, Marshall, Yates //source: Illustrirte Sport Zeitung of 20.08.1925



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